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Since launching in 2004, BleepingComputer has operated under strict guidelines to earn our readers' trust and maintain it, as we provide unbiased reporting about technology and cybersecurity issues.

While disinformation and misinformation campaigns run rampant and copycat publishers abound, BleepingComputer takes pride in our investigative and original reporting regarding a wide variety of topics, including cybersecurity, operating systems, computers, software products, and privacy issues. 

To maintain our strict editorial independence and original reporting, BleepingComputer operates under the following guidelines:

  • While BleepingComputer generates its revenue from advertising, our partners do not have any influence on our writing.
  • BleepingComputer does not sell links on our site or accept compensation to write articles about companies or their products. Any sponsored posts at BleepingComputer will be clearly marked so readers understand that this is paid content or content that we may earn a commission.
  • BleepingComputer does not accept payment to conduct reviews or provide a favorable opinion.
  • BleepingComputer is commonly provided embargoed research or "tips" but we refuse to accept them with preconditions regarding what is stated in the article.
  • BleepingComputer protects the identity of our sources to the fullest extent of the law.

For more detailed information regarding these guidelines, you can read the following sections below.

Sources of information

BleepingComputer relies on different sources of information that we use to craft our articles. These sources include end-users, employees, threat actors, corporate reports, research, press releases, and other publisher's stories.

We also conduct interviews over the phone, messaging apps, emails, and through video conferencing. During phone and video interviews, we may record the conversation to report on the information provided properly. All discussions are considered to be "on the record" unless we are told otherwise, in which case, we will honor that request.

Due to the nature of our reporting on cybersecurity and cyberattacks, we also commonly use sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from employers or threat actors. When working with sources who wish to remain anonymous, BleepingComputer will always protect their identity to the fullest extent of the law. 

Regardless of how we attain our information, BleepingComputer will always independently confirm the accuracy of such information through our own tests, in conversations with the related companies, or through other individuals who have demonstrated that they have first-hand knowledge about the topic.

Editorial corrections and updates

Despite making the best efforts to report on a particular topic or news event accurately, we may sometimes get something wrong.

If a mistake is reported to BleepingComputer or we discover it on our own, we will promptly update our content with a correction and provide a statement explaining why we made the change.

While covering a story, there are times that the report may be developing and new information becomes available at a later date. When that occurs, we will update our content and note why BleepingComputer added additional content.

Conference and press event coverage

At times, BleepingComputer writers are invited to conferences to cover new information presented by companies and researchers.

While we may attend these events, BleepingComputer does not promise to cover the topics or product information presented at said events.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

BleepingComputer uses advertising to cover the costs of operating the website and producing our content. 

Advertisers will never influence what and how we write about a particular topic or about products and services that we may cover in our content.

BleepingComputer may at times utilize a native advertisement called 'Sponsored Posts', which is an advertisements in the form of editorial content. All paid content is clearly marked as sponsored content or deals and will always contain a disclaimer at the bottom so that readers can identify that there is a commercial incentive for the publishing of the content.

Some of our content may contain marketing links, or affiliate links, that generate commissions from purchases made through those links. Our affiliate partnerships don't influence our editorial content and will only be recommended if they provide a tangible benefit to the visitor. Visitors can find more information on how BleepingComputer uses affiliate links in our 'Affiliate Disclosures' below.

Product Reviews

When writing reviews on this site, BleepingComputer uses the following guidelines:

  1. When reviewing products, the editors and team members will always provide honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on the products being reviewed.
  2. BleepingComputer never accepts compensation to write a review.
  3. When writing reviews, we sometimes purchase the product ourselves or are given the product by the company. If we are given the product, it will be stated in the review.
  4. After a review is finished, we will return the item if requested. Otherwise, the reviewed item will be given away as a promotion on BleepingComputer.com.
  5. Advertisers on our site may also be a company who's product we are reviewing. Their advertising, though, will have no bearing on how we review their product

Affiliate Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationship between a product manufacturer or advertiser when we write about a product, service, or recommend a product. BleepingComputer agrees with this policy as it allows you, the reader, to understand the relationships between a site and the various companies and products they promote.

It is important to note that these affiliate relationship have no influence over how our journalists report the news or discuss products and services.

We have outlined our product review standards and the various ways we use affiliate links or earn commissions:

Affiliate Links

BleepingComputer may use links that generate a commission for the site if you use them to purchase a product. In the forums, we use SkimLinks to automatically transform posted links into affiliate links. If you do not wish to view inserted links, you can opt out of this process by going to this URL: http://optout.skimlinks.com/?tested=1.

We may also utilize affiliate links for various products within our Virus Removal Guides, Download section, and Tutorials, and News articles.

Virus Removal Guides

In our Virus Removal section, we offer guides on how to remove various computer infections. These guides may use programs and utilities that generate commissions for the site when you purchase them. We will never, though, promote a product for the sole purpose of generating a commission.

We will only suggest a product that can actually help you remove the computer infection for free, and we will only receive a commission if you decide to purchase it after. If it is required that you purchase a product before you can remove an infection, and we receive a commission for it, we will specifically state this in the guide. The products that we routinely use in our guides and that we receive affiliate commissions from are MalwareBytes, Emsisoft, Zemana, and HitmanPro.

Download Section

All of the programs in our Download section are fully functional and free to use. If you use the product and decide to purchase it, we may earn a commission for the sale, depending on the software.

Tutorial Section

Some tutorials may discuss or require specific hardware or software that contain Amazon affiliate links that will generate a commission for the site if you purchase them.

StackCommerce and the BleepingComputer.com Deals Store

BleepingComputer.com has partnered with StackCommerce to offer our readers deals on a variety of products. If a user chooses to purchase a product through this store, BleepingComputer.com will earn a commission on the sale.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please free to contact us here: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/contact/

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