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Alumni Merchandise

Show your Tennessee Tech pride!

Purchase authentic TTU gear and alumni merchandise online from TTU's University Bookstore!

The items shown below may be purchased from the Alumni Relations Office. To place your order for any of these items, visit the Alumni Relations Merchandise Store.

Official TTU Flag, 3' x 5'
$29.95, plus tax & shipping, if any

 TTU Flag Banner, 40" x 28"
$23.95, plus tax & shipping, if any

TTU flag home banner

5' Banner Pole & Bracket 
$12.95, plus tax & shipping, if any

Home banner pole

TTU Athletic Flag Print
by Skylar Laman
$30.00, plus tax & shipping, if any 

TTU Athletic flag print

 TTU Athletics Logo Print
by Skylar Laman
$30.00, plus tax & shipping, if any 

TTU Athletic logo print
"Sudden Rain" Print
by Joan Derryberry
$30.00, plus tax & shipping, if any 

"Sudden Rain" print

Book-"Practical Work: 100 Years of Dixie College & Tennessee Tech University"
$22.78, plus tax & shipping, if any 

"Practical Work" book

Book-"Search for Identity: A History of Tennessee Techno-
logical University, 1915-1985"

$10.00, plus tax & shipping, if any

"Search for Identity" book

Book-"Centennial Collection of Essays and Photographs"
$49.98, plus tax & shipping, if any

Centennial Keepsake Book

TTU Historic Oak Tree Pen
$30.00, plus tax & shipping, if any 

Historic Oak Tree Pen

 TTU Oak Pen Case
$10.00, plus tax & shipping, if any 

Oak Pen Case